Customers looking to nourish and protect their skin, hair and body want superior-quality serums to help them do it. Designed to be applied after cleansing but before moisturizing, serums can address a wide range of beauty concerns. Is your brand interested in adding to its product line with private label serums? Whether you’d like to create a CBD skin serum, or a serum made with hyaluronic acid, NF Skin is the full-service manufacturing and fulfillment company that can help.

Working with us means being able to rely on the expertise of a contract manufacturer/fulfillment company that makes the finest formulations. In fact, we can help with any part(s) of the process you need. Say you’re interested in creating a private label organic vitamin C serum, for example: we can conduct research, formulate a blend, run tests, design product branding, create labels and even handle the packaging and fulfillment. Your finished product can appeal to a wide range of venues, including retail stores, online e-commerce businesses, spas and more.

Examples of Serums We Create

We have various capabilities for product creation. To give you some examples of what we’ve formulated, serums include proprietary blends with vitamin C, moisturizing hemp oil, and hyaluronic acid and retinol. We can design products that target different areas: wrinkles, pigment correction, under-eye circles, lashes and brows, or even hair growth. Some formulations highlight specific nutrients, such as a red tea serum or one with a particular vitamin blend.

Whatever we’re formulating for you, we ensure it features only the best, most clinically supported ingredients. Likewise, from a CBD daily serum to a skin lightening serum, each product comes from a facility that fully adheres to GMP and regulatory requirements.

Why Choose NF Skin

To create a private label vitamin C serum, a moisturizing serum and most skincare products, NF Skin stands out as your best choice. We’re known for our dedication to being at the forefront of new technology/ingredients, as well as our superior customer service and transparency when creating your products. Backed by over 20 years in the business and a reputation for being one of the best private label cosmetic manufacturers in the industry, we are here to represent your brand positively with top-quality products. Contact NF Skin today to learn more about our private label manufacturing and fulfillment services, and to get a sample!