Are your customers looking for luxurious solutions to cleanse the scalp, fortify strands and accelerate hair growth? Why not tap into that market demand with top-quality private label hair care products from NF Skin? As the industry’s leading experienced contract manufacturer and fulfillment company, we have the capabilities to create everything from purifying and moisturizing shampoos to hair growth treatments—all blends available under our private label CBD hair care offerings.

To help you reach an audience looking for lush and healthy locks, we craft private and white label hair products that customers love. We have bulk manufacturing capabilities, as well as the ability to handle all parts of the creation process for you. Rely on us to manage everything from initial research and development to product packaging and label design, or enlist our help for only the portions you need. We are the go-to resource for creating quality hair care formulations.


NF Skin is skilled at formulating a wide range of hair care solutions. This includes shampoo, conditioner, masks, oils, and scalp treatments. Come to us for a binding conditioner that seals and strengthens hair strands, and expect clinical-supported ingredients, as well as fully tested benefits. Talk to us about a clarifying shampoo and conditioner that remove oil buildup and washes away pollutants and products while stimulating hair growth directly at the root.

From masks to protect against breakage to scalp treatments that purify and calm irritations, we create products that stand out in the marketplace. We understand what today’s customers are looking for in terms of hair care and can use that knowledge to create quality products for your private label brand or to expand your product offerings with some of our tried-and-true effective blends.


NF Skin is distinguishable among private label hair products manufacturers with our dedication to being at the forefront of new technology and ingredients. You won’t find anyone more committed to passionate innovation and quality among other conventional or organic hair care manufacturers. We also believe in transparency. All formulations with hemp-derived ingredients have Certificates of Analysis from ISO/IEC 17025 accredited labs, viewable via scannable QR codes printed on product outer packaging.

Trust us for private label hair care products made in facilities fully adhering to GMP and regulatory requirements, as well as formulations featuring the best clinically supported ingredients. Whether your blends need to be sulfate-free, Sephora Clean or CREDO safe our team is ready and willing to serve you with personalized support throughout the creation process. To get a sample and learn more about our branded process, private label manufacturing services and how we do fulfillment, including CBD hair care, contact us today!