2021 skincare trends - blend on trend

After a tumultuous 2020, we have no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has influenced consumer interests and priorities. Overall, interest in natural products and transparent brands has increased over the last few years and we expect skincare market trends to support this interest more than ever in 2021. At the same time, we also see very punctual trends emerging from the pandemic’s effects on both the economy and consumer lifestyle habits.

Here are our top five key trends in the skincare industry for this year.

Multi-use and multipurpose products (who doesn’t want to save both time AND money?!)

This trend is part utilitarian, part economical. Office-workers who have merged their social, personal, and business lives all under their own roofs are all looking for simple, easy, and efficient ways to address skincare needs. On the other hand, financial concerns also continue to dictate which consumer goods are essential as the economy stabilizes and recovers.

As a result, there is a growing demand for multi-purpose products, such as moisturizers with built-in sun protection, 3-in-1 cleansers/moisturizers/masks, or face creams with additional exfoliating benefits like our Apple Stem Cell Lightweight Moisturizer OR CLEAN Facial Serum that has hydrating and anti-acne benefits.

Sustainability is one of the hottest skincare trends of the year

Consumers are greatly concerned about the origins of their products as well as whether they are environmentally conscious. It is unclear whether 2020 led to more internal reflection or more environmental education, however, we will expect to see an increased number of skincare shoppers buy products with minimal packaging, produced in fair-trade conditions, and made with clear, traceable ingredients and organic where possible.

Glass packaging has been increasingly utilized by skincare and perfume brands over the last several years and the demand is believed to increase. At the same time, being able to certify the origin of your brand’s ingredients is a huge bonus for brand positioning! When you custom formulates with NF Skin, the possibilities for creating a clean and environmentally friendly product are endless!

Going natural – from skincare to make-up

Another big 2021 skincare trend is the preference for a natural, minimalist look and approach. Going hand in hand with the need for more sustainable practices and the quest for multi-purpose products, the natural trend means wearing less make-up and investing in a “skinimalist” look (according to the Pinterest Business Board surveying search trends, “skinimalism is the new glow up”).

It also means looking for better, more natural ways to care for your skin, picking soothing products (especially after hours spent in front of Zoom or wearing face coverings), and searching for at-home beauty solutions as much as possible. CBD oil is growing in demand, thanks to its natural, soothing, and anti-inflammatory properties, and products like this NEW FACIAL OIL FOR RTI  are more desirable than ever before.



Transparency above all

As far as skincare industry trends are concerned, complete transparency has become a must for all brands. In fact, more women are researching skincare products before buying in-store, and having a full ingredients list is key. Moreover, 46% of buyers report purchasing products free of sulfates, phthalates, and/or gluten after preliminary research, and more than half of women are looking for products made with organic ingredients.

Creating multi-purpose products and marketing them with a transparent ingredient list containing organic and natural ingredients is key for 2021 market rends. For example, a NEW RTI SERUM here will be picked for its range of positive effects as well as for being cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan friendly, and rich in natural ingredients, like CBD, ingredient, ingredient, ingredient.

Elevated hygiene, the new skincare trend

If there is one trend that has emerged directly as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s the effort to bring luxury and style to the very sterile act of “disinfecting.” First, we had personalized face coverings which evolved into bejeweled variants. Now, we are also seeing skincare-based hand sanitizers and embellished storage solutions for everything from your hand sanitizer to your face mask to your wallet and keys.

Naturally, the drying effects of disinfectant products coupled with the strong smell will also lead to a continued interest in soothing, anti-inflammatory skincare and scented candles and essential oils to counter the effect of excessive cleansing.

For example, vitamin-enriched CBD-infused shea butter is great because it is rich in natural ingredients like CBD and lavender that hydrate and calm skin irritated by the harsh chemicals of hand sanitizers.

As 2021 skincare trends move towards a more transparent, more health-conscious focus, we expect to see a growing interest in products like ours that respect these trends, as well as for personalized, custom-blended skincare that can adapt to the users’ needs and concerns. 2021 is bringing experimentation, exciting new ideas, and a focus on clean, natural ingredients. It’s as exciting as it is challenging for beauty brands everywhere!

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